Formation of a Forest and Forestry Emergency Team to Face the Dry Season

World Environment Day, which is celebrated every June 5, is an important moment for us to reflect and act in an effort to protect the planet we love. This year, the theme of Environment Day is “Ecosystem Restoration for the Future,” which emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to restore damaged ecosystems for the sustainability of the earth.

The dry season is a condition where various areas experience drought or lack of water and there is no rain. This happens because of the movement of the east monsoon wind which passes through Indonesia. Based on data from BMKG, currently June 2024 has entered the start of the dry season. Likewise, with data from BPBD Pulang Pisau Regency, for Kahayan Hilir District, the weather forecast is wet dry with light rainfall and temperatures between 25-330C and humidity between 60 – 95%. The dry season brings various risks, such as forest and land fires, clean water crisis, food crisis and health crisis.

In preparation for the dry season, KPSHK formed the Karhutla Emergency Team (TDK) which is a combination of two LPHD patrol teams, namely the Forest Patrol Team which is responsible for securing the forest and the Karhutla Patrol Team which is responsible for protecting the forest from forest and land fires.

The Forest and Land Fire Emergency Team (TDK) has the duty and responsibility to carry out forest and land fire control activities in the Gohong Village Forest, Kalawa Village Forest, Mantaren I Village Forest and Buntoi Village Forest areas. TDK is also tasked with carrying out coordination and cooperation activities in controlling forest and land fires in the area of ​​5 (five) villages, namely Purwodadi Village, Wono Agung Village, Sei Baru Tewu Village, West Kanamit Village, and Garung Village. The control activities referred to include planning, preventing, extinguishing and handling post-forest and land fires.

Aftrinal, Project Manager of K.P.SHK stated that TDK took preventive and blackout measures during the Karhutla disaster emergency which was located in the project area which includes 4 village forest areas.

“The Forest and Land Fire Emergency Team will be activated when conditions have been determined to be prone to forest and land fires and are called a Forest and Land Fire Emergency in the operational area and coordination area,” explained Aftrinal

Aftrinal said that the forest and land fires emergency was enforced for 5 months a year during the dry season which was predicted to be longer and more extreme by the authorized government institutions and determined through TDK committee meetings based on data from the BMKG and the determination of disaster status by the Pulang Pisau Regency Forest and Forestry Task Force Team.

“When the TDK Committee determines that the status of a Forest and Land Fire Emergency has occurred, all elements in the TDK Unit and Sub-Unit must work together and comply with work orders that have been regulated in the TDK Standard Operating Procedures and TUPOKSI,” he continued.

After the formation of the TDK, in preparation for the TDK, a meeting of the LPHD Kahayan Hilir Forest and Forestry Emergency Committee Team will be held to discuss the status and conditions as well as plans for preventing forest and land fires in the village as a handling measure and to coordinate with the Pulang Pisau Regency Forest and Fire Task Force Team (BPBD).

The formation of TDK is an initial step and joint action to protect forests and prevent forest and land fires which can create major changes to forest ecosystems so that they are not damaged and sustainable. Through real action and collective awareness, KPSHK together with TDK and the active participation of every individual in the community, we can create positive changes for forests.

Happy World Environment Day! Let’s act now for a greener and more sustainable future.

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